NM Narrative Project 2.0

Project Purpose & Objectives:

The Center for Civic Policy (CCP) strives to increase the participation of historically and systemically New Mexicans in the public policy processes that affect their lives. To advance this mission and building up on our 2016 research, CCP and America Votes once again created a collaborative effort to bring NM Narrative Project 2.0. Values-based and supported by extensive qualitative and quantitative research, the NMNP studied ways to connect more deeply with New Mexicans and communicate a vision and agenda in authentic language that resonates, excites, and persuades.

NM Narrative Project 2.0 - Center for Civic Policy


The NMNP is the result of this research, serving today as an invaluable messaging toolkit for partners and stakeholders throughout the civic engagement sector. It is helping community organizations, elected officials, policy makers, and other stakeholders better understand how historically marginalized communities perceive the problems, as well as proposed solutions, that are directly impacting their lives.

The NMNP is particularly useful in providing essential insights into the New Mexican mindset. This enables us to meet people where they are and thereby more effectively communicate how policies affect the well-being of their families. It gives us the engagement and language tools to increase participation among under-represented, vulnerable populations in the democratic process.

The NMNP is strictly a non-partisan tool to be used in communicating and educating on a values-based level how important policy issues and our democracy intersect.

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