Protecting Access to Healthcare in NM

affordable care act and pre-existing conditions new mexico
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A majority of Americans say they are worried that they or someone in their family will lose or be unable to afford healthcare coverage if the Supreme Court overturns the Affordable Care Act (ACA)– Obamacare or its protections for people with pre-existing conditions. And New Mexicans are no exception.

In our state alone, it’s estimated over 330,000 New Mexicans under the age of 65 live with pre-existing conditions.

Yet, the Trump administration is arguing in court that the ACA should be overturned, including its preexisting condition protections, premium subsidies to make coverage more affordable, Medicaid expansion, and a host of other provisions. And it is clear a possible court decision to overturn the ACA could produce immediate chaos in the health care system and financial ruin for many Americans.

affordable care act; pre-existing conditions; New Mexico

Fighting for New Mexicans With Pre-Existing Conditions

affordable care act new mexico pre-existing conditions
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Thankfully, even if the ACA is dismantled by the Supreme Court, some New Mexico lawmakers put protections for people with pre-existing conditions into state law to shield our working families. The law makes it illegal for any health care insurance company in New Mexico to deny a person health insurance because of a pre-existing condition.

But there’s still more work to do. At the next Legislative Session, NM’s lawmakers will have to put the best of the ACA’s provisions into state law and take action to keep healthcare costs from skyrocketing. Here’s a look at how legislators did on pre-existing conditions in 2019:

affordable care act; pre-existing conditions; New Mexico

The following is a public service by the Center for Civic Policy as part of our mission to advocate for issues of vital importance to NM families, educate the community, and keep an accountability record of of how legislators vote. This way, we hope to engage everyday New Mexicans in policy issues that impact their families and communities:

affordable care act; pre-existing conditions; New Mexico

How did legislators vote on Pre-Existing Conditions in 2019?

New Mexico Senate – 2019 Legislative Session:

OPPOSED – Protections for Pre-Existing ConditionsSUPPORTED – Protections for Pre-Existing ConditionsEXCUSED
Sen. Gregory BacaSen. Pete CamposSen. Joseph Cervantes
Sen. Craig BrandtSen. Jacob CandelariaSen. Carlos Cisneros
Sen. William BurtSen. Daniel Ivey-SotoSen. Georg Munoz
Sen. Gregg FulferSen. Linda LopezSen. Cliff Pirtle,
Sen. Candace GouldSen. Richard MartinezSen. Sander Rue
Sen. Ron GriggsSen. Bill O’NeillSen. John Sapien
Sen. Stuart IngleSen. Gerald Ortiz y PinoSen. Antoinette Sedillo Lopez
Sen. Gay KernanSen. Michael Padilla
Sen. Mark MooresSen. Mary Kay Papen
Sen. Steven NevilleSen. John Pinto
Sen. William PayneSen. Gabriel Ramos
Sen. William SharerSen. Nancy Rodriguez
Sen. James WhiteSen. Clemente Sanchez
Sen. Pat WoodsSen. Benny Shendo
Sen. John Arthur Smith
Sen. William Soules,
Sen. Elizabeth Stefanics
Sen. Jeff Steinborn
Sen. Mimi Stewart
Sen. Bill Tallman
Sen. Peter Wirth

affordable care act; pre-existing conditions; New Mexico

New Mexico House – 2019 Legislative Session:

OPPOSED – Protections for Pre-Existing ConditionsSUPPORTED – Protections for Pre-Existing ConditionsEXCUSED ABSENT
Rep. Phelps AndersonRep. Abbas AkhilRep. Armstrong, DeborahRep.
Harry Garcia
Rep. Gail ArmstrongRep. Eliseo AlconRep. Patricio RuilobaRep. Willie Madrid
Rep. Alonzo BaldonadoRep. Anthony AllisonRep. Nathan Small
Rep. Paul BandyRep. Karen BashRep. Linda Trujillo
Rep. Rachel BlackRep. Micaela Cadena
Rep. Cathrynn Brown, Rep. Christine Chandler
Rep. Jackey ChatfieldRep. Gail Chasey
Rep. Zachary CookRep. Brian Egolf
Rep. Randal CrowderRep. Daymon Ely
Rep. Rebecca DowRep. Joanne Ferrary
Rep. Candy EzzellRep. Natalie Figueroa
Rep. Kelly FajardoRep. Doreen Gallegos
Rep. David GallegosRep. Miguel Garcia
Rep. Jason HarperRep. Joy Garratt
Rep. Tim LewisRep. Roberto Gonzales
Rep. Rodney MontoyaRep. Susan Herrera
Rep. Greg NibertRep. Dayan Hochman-Vigil
Rep. Jane Powdrell-CulbertRep. D. Wonda Johnson
Rep. William RehmRep. Raymundo Lara
Rep. Gregg SchmedesRep. Derrick Lente
Rep. Larry ScottRep. Georgene Louis
Rep. James StricklerRep. Patricia Lundstrom
Rep. James TownsendRep. Antonio Maestas
Rep. Martin ZamoraRep. Javier Martinez
Rep. Rodolpho Martinez
Rep. Matthew McQueen
Rep. William Pratt
Rep. Andrea Romero
Rep. G. Andres Romero
Rep. Patricia Roybal Caballero
Rep. Angelica Rubio
Rep. Tomas Salazar
Rep. Joseph Sanchez
Rep. Debra Sarinana
Rep. Melanie Stansbury
Rep. Sheryl Stapleton
Rep. Candie Sweetser
Rep. Elizabeth Thomson
Rep. Christine Trujillo
Rep. Jim Trujillo