Bush: Slouching to Crawford

As I watched George W. Bush speak to the media in what was billed as his last press conference ever, I was struck by how much the two-term president revealed.

Bush must have known this last appearance before the press corps would become a much-scrutinized part of history.

So what did he do? He slumped, he squinted, he contorted his face and mocked his detractors with a fake whiny voice. His rambling thoughts trailed off into nothingness or built to angry, self-pitying crescendos when he talked about anyone who dared criticize his actions or his motives. Continue reading

Health Care Crisis: Pricing Out Small Business

As executive director of the Albuquerque Independent Business Alliance, Rebecca Dakota communicates regularly with the owners of about 175 small businesses in the city.

Dakota’s members tell her they know that keeping their employees healthy is good for their businesses as well as for each employee and their family.

“The bottom line is that when employees are healthy, they do a better job, they are more productive and they show up at work more often. So it’s a good thing for the employer,” says Dakota.
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On the frontlines of the foreclosure crisis

Robert Garcia says more and more families are coming to his agency every day for help in their battle to keep their homes.

Garcia is executive director of Southwest Neighborhood Housing Services, a statewide homeowner assistance agency located in Albuquerque.

Watch the interview with Garcia

Over the past year, Garcia said he’s seen a shocking increase in the number of families signing up for foreclosure prevention counseling. Continue reading

Green Job Profile: Gerald King

Gerald King can’t wait for the day when green jobs become plentiful all over Albuquerque. The New York native says he’s tired of working dirty, low-paying jobs that don’t benefit the environment.

King says he feels like he’s worked every one of those jobs, but confesses that his “bottom rung” was his stint at a fast-food restaurant, serving up “unhealthy, jacked-up food.”

Indeed, fast food restaurants, which serve heavily-processed starches, sugars and meat from far-flung sources, pay the lowest and have the highest carbon footprint of any food sources around. Continue reading