Will New Mexico get its broadband chance with the Recovery Act?

(Credit: Jim Hannon/The Times Daily, via AP)

(Credit: Jim Hannon/The Times Daily)

Even though it was the United States Department of Commerce that championed the Internet as a means of universal commercial and democratic information exchange, the U.S. ranks 12-16th in broadband penetration. We are the only developed country in the world without a coherent broadband strategy. New Mexico, despite being host to such high-tech agencies as Los Alamos National Labs and Sandia National Labs, lags behind almost all other states in broadband penetration.

This was supposed to change when President Obama added $4.7 billion of spending to the 2009 Stimulus spending bill to

accelerate broadband deployment in unserved and underserved areas and to strategic community institutions that provide important public benefits.

How is this to be accomplished?

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Transparency, Got to Love It

As I am constantly reading about the proposed $775 billion dollar stimulus package that is being developed by the Obama administration the word that immediately comes to mind is transparency. At this point, most seem to agree that drastic measures need to be taken, but the extent of those measures is up for debate. Obama, however, has done a very good job at rolling out compromises by attempting to include a balance between tax cuts and new spending. Continue reading