Wary of Berry

By a decisive margin, Albuquerqueans elected themselves a new mayor on Tuesday.  The conventional wisdom is that Richard “R.J.” Berry did what he had to do to win.

But, for those who didn’t vote for him, his victory raises questions for many about which Berry will show up to run the city.

Will Albuquerque get Berry the state legislator, a moderate Republican who’s been willing to work with those who disagree with him politically?

Or will Albuquerque’s new mayor more closely resemble Berry the candidate, who ran largely on Republican talking points and polarized and alienated many voters in the city with his “sanctuary city” comments regarding immigrants and crime?

In short, there’s been quite a distinction between the way Berry has served in the past and the way he ran his recent campaign for Albuquerque mayor.

Which leaves me with one question.  Which Richard Berry is going to show up for work on December 2?