ACLU Files Massive Public Info Request With Offices of Governor, SOS in Connection with ‘Voter Fraud’ Claim

By Tracy Dingmann

The American Civil Liberties Union of New Mexico has filed a massive public information request for records from Governor Susana Martinez and Secretary of State Dianna Duran in connection with Duran’s announcement that her office has uncovered possible instances of voter fraud by foreign nationals.

The request, filed today (March 16), is seeking all records and correspondence related to Duran’s announcement on March 15.

By making the requests, the ACLU-NM, said, it is seeking to ensure the transparency and objectivity of the Secretary of State’s investigation.

“We want to know the motivations behind this investigation and the validity of any assertions that the New Mexico law allowing drivers licenses for all immigrants contributed to voter fraud,” said ACLU-NM Executive Director Peter Simonson.

“We take claims of voter fraud seriously because they undermine voter confidence in our electoral system and tend to discourage participation in elections. We also wish to ensure that any exchange of records in this investigation did not violate voter privacy guarantees that are written into state law.”

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