NMPowered Reconvening

Recently, New Mexico Youth Organized held a very rewarding retreat.  It was organized to bring back together all the original participants of the NMPowered retreat and was held at a log cabin style home located in the Sandia Mountains.

A synopsis of the first retreat: “In the summer of 2008, NMYO and Be cause Strategies (becausestrategies.com) brought together young leaders, between the ages of 18 and 35, who were all connectors and “do-ers” in New Mexico: leaders with talents, experiences, and extensive social networks outside of those already active in social change in New Mexico. Participants included event promoters, poets, video game designers, DJ’s, alternative fuels experts, professional artists, bloggers, professional dancers, comedians, sound engineers, native issues experts, custom clothing makers, entrepreneurs, sustainable agriculture experts and a range of other community leaders.”

Here’s also a documentary that the participants from the first retreat made:

For the reconvening, NMYO started off by introducing the participants to some staff they had not met and that was followed by a quick overview of the NMYO intern’s consumer responsibility initiative at UNM.

From here, everyone hiked to an open area where we had an open conversation towards what everyone was involved in currently, feedback on the NMPowered project, and how the network has benefited their work.
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