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Pick Your President – TODAY!

Cast your vote before 6 pm MST. That’s when balloting in our unique on-line poll closes! Pick Your President here.

Clearly New Mexico is participating with six other non-partisan organizations who are surveying folks in their states — California, Colorado, Michigan, Ohio, Washington and Wisconsin (polling both Democratic and Republican candidates).

Iowa and New Hampshire have had their say — and the results shocked the pundits!

With the race unusually tight in both parties, the choice that New Mexicans make may well decide the nominee on both sides of the aisle.

In fact, throughout its history New Mexico has served as a national bellwether. Since achieving statehood 96 years ago, New Mexico has gone to the national popular vote winner in every election except for one. That was 1976 when the Land of Enchantment gave Gerry Ford the nod.

That’s why your vote matters more now than at any time in the last twenty years. And that’s why Clearly New Mexico is participating in a unique online poll.

If you support a specific candidate — and you know many people who agree with you — it’s time to rally them to the cause. Today.

By spreading the word about this online poll, you can help your favorite candidate build momentum immediately. No matter which candidate you are backing.

So cast your vote here right now and then ask your friends to do the same.

This evening (January 18) Clearly New Mexico will announce the winner of this special New Mexico poll.

Until then, candidate rankings will be updated frequently, so you’ll be able to track your candidate’s progress by refreshing the “Results” page often.

Please pick your president now and then spread the word:


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