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Our Resident Smart Aleck Talks about ALEC (VIDEO)

Sarah Kennedy has a feast with all the products made by corporations that dropped their sponsorships of ALEC last week.

Just in case you missed the national furor about the American Legislative Exchange Council over the last week, here are a few links to bring you up to speed:

The Nation: How ALEC Took Florida’s ‘License to Kill’ Law National

NY Times: Embarrassed by Bad Laws

McClatchy: Study: ALEC has ‘secretive influence’ in Missouri statehouse

Common Cause: ALEC Exposed, for 24 Hours

(Special Bonus) Here’s an oldie, but goodie from ClearlyNM about one of ALEC’s interventions in New Mexico:

Kochtopus Bill Has Its Tentacles In The New Mexico Legislature

And speaking of the Koch brothers, this just in from Center for Media and Demoracy: ALEC Gets Support From Koch-Funded Americans for Prosperity

2 thoughts on “Our Resident Smart Aleck Talks about ALEC (VIDEO)

  1. Great video Sarah. I just got through calling the representatives in my district to ask them to resign from ALEC. To my surprise, 2 of them were Democrats.

    The laws that ALEC continues to write and push through state houses are dangerous and everyone should educate themselves about them. Everyone has to keep the pressure on all of the companies to withdraw from ALEC.