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Michelle Penson

For a little over four years, Michelle Penson has served as the resident Data Diva and Excel Ninja in New Mexico. While she previously served both America Votes and State Voices in state, she now exclusively works with the Center’s partners to advance sector-wide goals through her data strategy, management and training expertise.

Michelle has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology with a minor in Philosophy from the University of New Mexico. Before realizing her inner data diva, she served as the Administrative Manager for the NM statewide LGBT rights group, Equality New Mexico, doing everything from managing their membership database, fixing fickle computers, planning fundraising events and figuring out ways to make the organization’s graphics and advertisements more interesting. She enjoys opportunities to help organizations use the tools available to them in the most effective and efficient ways having witnessed first-hand the importance of utilizing limited resources well. She is passionate about LGBT rights and Choice.

When she isn’t creating intricate spreadsheets and analyzing data, she enjoys baking and decorating cakes, reading more books than is considered normal, eliciting yummy noises from people via her cooking and taking photographs.