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  • ched macquigg

    I’ve had my share of trouble with the Journal as well. They’re keeping voters in the dark over the upcoming bond election.

  • Silvio Dell'Angela

    On same day Journal article published I sent e-mail to beat writer Dan McKay, Editor Kent Walz, others at Journal-Cc to City Councilors and others asking why they buried story on bottom of page in smallest print? Please sent your e-mail and I will forward copy. Kent is moderator for August 24 Mayoral luncheon debate hosted by NAIOP. Asked how objective he intended to be? I also asked to see deposition and Bode tape using NM IPRA. Journal will no longer print my letters to editor-far too critical on Marty. Spoon-feeding us news. ABQ Journalwatch blogsite welcomed. Also telling TV networks to stop responding to every “get me free political adverising project” press conference dreamed up by his people.

  • Tracy Dingmann

    Thanks for your comment…my email is!

  • Daniel McLaughlin

    After reading the article “Public Option Tough Sell In N.M.” in the September 14th Journal, I began to wonder about how trustworthy the polling company they always seem to use, Research & Polling Inc. , may be. The article gave a few facts about how the polling was conducted, but how phone numbers that were actually called may have been selected was not addressed. Some of the information about the polling process in the article made it sound as though more conservatives may have been called than liberal or moderate voters. Just wondering if you know anything about “Research & Polling Inc.”. Thanks.

  • Tracy Dingmann

    Thanks for writing, Daniel. I will have an item about that very story on the blog tomorrow – I look at a different angle for this particular item, but I do appreciate your questions and I think they are worth looking into. The Journal does have a very close relationship with Research & Polling.

  • Hakim Bellamy

    I read the article today trying to put Pelosi and the wack ass little spy-glass about “obscene” health industry profits above the fold. The BS in that article (besides it’s placement and the Journals obvious stance against a Public Option) is that they say that the President says that 80 percent of Americans (who have health insurance) are happy with their providers/service and then they attempt to use that little inconvenient stat against him. However, of those Americans strategically polled, was there a follow up question, asking if they would switch insurance carriers or be less “happy” if there was a less expensive more comprehensive option that would get lots of uninsured Americans insured…AND them insured for less money and less bureaucratic hoops to jump through (which includes denied, out of pocket claims)? That would in FACT be newsworthy, if they actually included that side of the survey and not just the side that proves their point.

    Hakim Bellamy

  • Tracy Dingmann

    Thanks Estrella!

  • Consuelo Hannan

    what is happening on the story of the pope and his past regarding pedophiles? of course, he will go on without any consequences as did bush,cheney and company. all animals are created equal except some are more equal than others(g.orwell). great country we live in with all the propaganda from the news media esp. the journal. How about a true prospective. put the journal to task about the truth. thanks for all you do.

  • Jeff Romero

    The Albuquerque Journal’s silence is deafening. Even though Arizona’s new anti-immigrant law has been making headlines in other parts of the United States, the Albuquerque Journal has completely failed, editorially, to condemn Arizona S.B. 1070. That new legislation authorizes Arizona law enforcement officers, who have a “reasonable suspicion” that a person is an illegal alien, to determine the immigration status of that person. What that law means is that a person may be questioned as to their immigration status based on simply their appearance.

    The problem with this law is that it not only affects illegal immigrants, it also affects U.S. citizens who happen to be Hispanic, including doctors, lawyers, legislators, law enforcement personnel, business owners and thousands of others. In other words, I could be stopped and questioned about my immigration status even though I, (like hundreds of thousands of New Mexicans), grew up in New Mexico, and even though my family, like thousands of families in New Mexico, can trace its history in New Mexico back to a time when there was no United States of America. I could be stopped even though my father fought in the south Pacific during World War II. I could be stopped even though I am a former District Attorney for Bernalillo County.

    When I was 17, just before I started college, I got a job working as a camp counselor at a Salvation Army summer camp for poor kids in southern Arizona. Apart from my amazement that some Arizonans did not know that New Mexico was its sister state, I experienced no discrimination. When the camp season ended, I returned home on the bus to start college at UNM. I had a brief stopover in El Paso before boarding the connecting bus to Albuquerque. As I gave my ticket to the ticket agent standing outside the bus, he hesitated to take my ticket, and then he looked to his side. I thought that was unusual. But then I was confronted by two INS agents who showed me their badges and asked me if I was a United States citizen. At the time, I was shocked and angry. I told them, “Of course I’m a U.S. citizen.” They asked for my drivers license, and I showed it to them. I got on the bus muttering to myself, “who are they to be asking me if I an a United States Citizen?” Except for a few times in the 47 years since then, I had not thought of that experience, until news of Arizona S.B. 1070 became public.

    Apologists for the legislation say that it merely expresses the frustration felt by Arizona by the failure of the federal government to stem the tide of illegal immigrants. But that is just an excuse. The motive behind S.B. 1070 is betrayed by the passage of House Bill 2281 by the same Republican-dominated Arizona legislature. That legislation prohibits public schools from having programs which “are designed primarily for pupils of a particular ethnic group” and which “advocate ethnic solidarity instead of the treatment of pupils as individuals.” This law would target classes teaching aspects of a particular culture, its history, its language, its arts, its literature, etc. Even though the legislation allows the teaching of historical oppression of ethnic groups, Hispanic students could not learn that their ancestors explored and settled what became New Mexico and Arizona before the English set foot on Plymouth Rock and Virginia. They could not be encouraged or taught how to explore their ancestry.

    What does the Journal’s silence about these new Arizona laws reveal about its attitude towards New Mexico’s large Hispanic population? New Mexico is a state with an historically high percentage of Hispanics, (45% according to the 2008 U.S. Census update). Arizona’s Hispanic populations is 33%. (L.A. Times, 5/18/10). Numerous newspaper editorials around the United States have condemned the Arizona legislature. The New York Times has called the Arizona law “harsh, mean-spirited,” (4/17/10). Both the Los Angeles Times, (4/16/10), and the Dallas Morning News, (4/26/10), have characterized the legislation as “wrong-headed.” The British publication, The Economist, has editorialized that Arizona is “at risk of becoming a police state,” (4/22/10). Even the Arizona Republic, the state’s largest newspaper, condemned the legislation, calling on the Arizona governor to veto the legislation, (4/23/10), and strongly criticizing not only the governor, but most of its most prominent public officials, (5/2/10).

    But do we hear anything from the Albuquerque Journal? Instead of condemning the Arizona laws, the Journal praises the efforts of Mayor Berry’s new policy of checking the immigration status of only those who are arrested, regardless of ethnicity. (Editorial, Albuquerque Journal, 5/24/10). As stated in that editorial: The policy’s goal is to reduce crime, in keeping with Berry’s campaign promise to roll back Albuquerque’s sanctuary city status when it comes to those who break the law. The focus is on conduct, not status, language or ethnicity.

    That reasoning is based on the faulty assumption that illegal immigrants commit a lot of crime. The reality is that the vast majority of illegal immigrants want to work to support their families and want to avoid law enforcement altogether. If the Mayor’s goal is to reduce crime, how does a person’s immigration status affect that goal? If the person is arrested for breaking the law, they will go through the same due process, regardless of their immigration status. When they complete their sentence, then they are subject to deportation if they are illegal immigrants or even if they have any legal status short of citizenship. What Mayor Berry does on the front end of the process, is already being done on the back end.

    Additionally, if the purpose is to “reduce” crime, the Berry policy works at cross purposes to law enforcement. It ignores that fact that witnesses who may be here illegally will be reluctant to talk to the police or to report crimes for fear of being deported. The policy is not only unnecessary, it frustrates law enforcement.

    Therefore, what useful purpose does the Mayor’s effort serve? It can only be concluded that the Mayor, for political purposes in an effort to be elected, has chosen to exploit and appease the basest of fears and xenophobia of many voters.

    If the Journal does not condemn such misguided laws, I am of the opinion that all New Mexicans of good will, regardless of ethnicity, including Journal advertisers, should join together and raise their voices to challenge the Journal’s editorial policy.


  • Tracy Dingmann

    Thanks for your heartfelt remarks, Jeff. Keep us posted.

  • Kara McArthur

    Where was the editor when the decision was made to print the lede “Seven individuals with exotic sounding names…” on the front page of this morning’s Journal? “Exotic-sounding names” sounds like something you’d find in a small-town American newspaper in the 1950s, not in a 21st-century newspaper in a city that aspires to international relevance.

    Who is to say what is an exotic name and what is not? Is Hartranft an exotic name? How about Linthicum? Uyttebrouck? Romo? Sanchez? I can’t believe that the Journal doesn’t recognize that Armenians and other immigrants have always been part of our American story (there was an Armenian among Jamestown’s early settlers). But much more than that, I don’t see how the editor can justify tossing a needless slur into the first sentence of a news story.

  • CM

    I’d love to see one of your bloggers cover the Journal’s growing irrelevance to readers younger than 45. All of its Sunday supplements (Boomer, Sage, Mature Life, Fit) are written for the “50-to-dead” crowd. There is nothing to appeal to those of us in Generation X, much less those in Generation Y. As a Gen Xer, I am tired of reading about bad knees, aging hippies, and raising your grandchildren.

    If it continues down this path, the Journal will guarantee its own extinction because its core readership will die off, with no younger readers to replace them. Where are the articles of interest to people younger than 50? Or should we just pick up the Alibi?

  • Root Ingram

    The ABQ Journal recently published a letter from Kyle Olson of Education Action Group (EAG).

    EAG is a phoney out-of-state, right-wing foundation whose only function is to attack unions (that’s what fascists do), specifically in this case, teacher unions.

    The Huffington Post says fascist Olsen is “beyond the conservative GOP mainstream. He’s the lunatic fringe.”

    Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and other fascists have Olsen on their shows to hate-on unions.

    Olsen’s fascist group – EAG- is incorporated by the Michigan Republican Party’s chief lawyer, Eric Doster, and funded in by another fascist, Richard DeVos of Amway Corporation.

    Boycott AMWAY products!


  • Kara McArthur

    Today’s journal article “Time to Cram!” on the NM Education Department’s graduation exam for 11th graders includes two sample questions taken from the NM Education Department website. The Journal’s answer to one would earn them a failing grade; their transcription of the other includes an error. The first question, about sales tax, says “dresses” when it should say “dress” when asking for the answer. Little things like that can mess up a student who is trying to read a question carefully, and it is one of the reasons why standardized testing can be problematic. But, of course, it is a Journal error, not an Education Department error. The second question, on supply and demand and pricing, has two parts. The Journal answered only one part. I looked up the questions on the NMPED website and couldn’t find answers, so I believe the answers were written by a Journal writer.

  • CM

    Please take note of this paragraph, which is on the front page of the April 15 Journal in the article about the school district audits recently ordered by Hanna Skandera:

    “The purpose of the audit is to root out districts that have reported inflated special education enrollment and teacher training numbers in order to get more state money.”

    This paragraph assumes that the districts HAVE falsified numbers and that the audit WILL find fraud. There are many other ways the writers could have written this paragraph, such as: “districts that MAY have reported…” or “districts that have ALLEGEDLY reported…” or “in order to get more state money, as Skandera claims…” or “According to Skandera, the purpose of the audit is….”

    Instead, the paragraph clearly states that there IS fraud, even before the investigation is complete. Is this simply an example of piss-poor journalism skills, or is it another example of the Journal’s slanted coverage in favor of the Martinez administration and against teachers and other public employees?

  • Michelle Meaders

    This mornming’s top article is headlined “Film Credit Tab Soars”.
    You have to read down to the 7th paragraph, after the jump, to read that this means the film companies spent almost four times that much in the state, since it’s a 25% rebate!

  • Michelle Meaders

    Well, the Journal ran an article about a meeting in Grants about Uranium mining:

    “Hearing Today in Grants on Mt. Taylor Mine
    By ABQnews Staff on Wed, Aug 17, 2011 The New Mexico Mining and Minerals Division is holding a public hearing today in Grants on the Rio Grande Resources Corp.’s application to renew “standby status” for its Mount Taylor Mine, the Cibola Beacon reported.

    A standby permit allows the mine operator to let the mine remain inactive without having to do any cleanup, according to the Beacon. The permit is good for five years.

    Read more: ABQJournal Online » Hearing Today in Grants on Mt. Taylor Mine

    However, I don’t think they ran a follow-up to that meeting from Sept. 2 – Here’s the press release:

    “Mining and Minerals Dept. Blocks Public in Public Hearing, Groups Claim Agency Acted Illegally”

    I found out about it on El Grito, dated today:

  • Roland Penttila

    Please stay on top of the State Fair Commission’s very slanted proposal for the next 25 year lease for the Downs at Albuquerque. Proposers were only allowed 30 days to prepare their plans for presentation to the State Procurement Board. Only two proposals were received. One from The Downs and one from the Laguna Development Corporation that runs two Native American casinos in New Mexico. The governor appointed a 3 person panel to score the two proposals and the State Fair Commissioners were not allowed to review nor comment on them. This process has been highly flawed and gives a distinct appearance of influence peddling and runs counter to the pledges made by Governor Martinez when she was running for the job.

  • Will Hoffman

    Eric Griego has a rally today in part a response to the Journal and The Daily Caller, right wing blogger’s recent story on his traffic tickets. It’s no coincidence that this was followed with Leslie Linthicum’s front page opinion column belittling the Congressional District 1 primary Democrats in the “fighting” mode. Today is another “story” about Michelle Lujan-Grisham’s property tax penalties. It smells like another Journal hatchet job on Democrats, a la Bill Richardson and Diane Denish that helped to get La Tejana Susana elected New Mexico Governor. Now, the Journal is trying discredit Democrats to give more edge to Janice Arnold Jones, another cardboard cutout candidate, IMHO.

  • ChesterDavid

    After a local TV news covered Winston Brook’s plea to APS teachers not to quit or be discouraged by Suzana & Hannah’s teacher judgement plan, the Journal ran a letter to the editor featuring a PE teacher who actually SUPPORTS the new plan! I have yet to meet a teacher who thinks that using student test scores on reading and math ONLY is a viable measure. Even VAM’s have been largely discredited across the U.S. (no other countries have been dumb enough to buy into Jeb Bush’s madness, but Mexico is trying!).
    Who is this misguided teacher, who put her up to this, and why did the journal run it? Why doesn’t the Journal do an actual poll or survey and tell us how many teachers REALLY are in favor of the Hanna/Suzana madness?

  • Tom

    This should be APD’s new theme song:
    Download “Diallo” by Wyclef Jean.

  • debbie (@dswenert2003)

    PS: The point of my Torrance County story is that once my case was dismissed I contacted Jeri Clausing AP and partner with ABQ Journal. I asked why there was no interest in writing an article regarding my case dismissal. Clausing stated, “Because the person is usually guilty” I contacted the Journal prior to my arrest attempting to make them aware of the corruption going on in Torrance County NM only to be met with apathy and impatience.
    KOAT proudly states, “Our partners at the Journal” often during news casts and each time I cringe. Anyone involved in “News” embellishes their story to gain listeners and/or readers. When
    true facts are not as exciting as in a person (Me) being found not guilty of a fabricated crime.
    Debbie, Tijeras NM

  • Debbie Swenerton

    November 15, 2012 I drove into Moriarty NM against the extreme warnings from Sheriff Health White and Mayor Ted Hart. I was promply arrested while sitting in my car on Amelia Rd. I was doing a welfare check on a little dog I had been donating shelter, food etc … Reason for my arrest was my refusal to ignore the rampant animal neglect and abuse in Torrance County NM. For five years by this time I had called , emailed and written Sheriff White, Mayor Hart, council members, Joy Ansley land management reporting my extreme concerns regarding the counties lack of welfare departments and/or concern for all animals in need. Sheriff White stated, “Stay in your own county and worry about the animals there” Five years ago I reported to Natalie Swaybe of KOAT a man in Estancia name Raymond Carvel who was severly mistreating his animals including dragging his mule behind his truck. Within days helicopters and swat converged on this mans property to discover over 90 sick and dying animals, dead dogs in the freezer, cats living in his walls, human and animal feces in the living area where Mr. Carvel sleeped on a cot. Sheriff White “Not happy” with me to say the very least. Two years later he arrested me and fabricated charges. He department supported his lies and I spent six months on house arrest awaiting my trial. I was charge with six felonies, two misdeameanors and animal cruelty. Note: No animals were ever involved in the arrest. On June 04, 2013 assistant D.A. Raymond Sharbutt dismissed my case because I refused all plea deals and refused to admit to crimes I “Did not commit”
    The ‘ABQ Journal” refused to write an exhonoration story as did the AP (Jeri Clausing) once my case was dismissed. Ms. Clausing stated, “We never write story’s once a case is dismissed because the person’s are usually guilty” “The Independent” in Edgewood was the ONLY paper to even comment on my case dismissal. The Journal and all other news outlets refused to write my side of the story. Woodward and Bernstein no longer exist. Journalism is literally based on an original story which is then crafted by changing wording in order to avoid plagiarism. Accountability in journalism and news is non-existent and integrity is not practiced. Larry Barker states in his KRQE commercial, “We want the truth and we want both sides of the story” Absolutely not true all lies.

  • Peter Callen

    The article last Monday (8/10/15) in the ABQ Journal confused the number of years this black bear study has been going, giving this data more credit than it currently deserves. This is the first year of the study in the Sandia Mts., while it has been going for three years in other mountain ranges of NM. The article stated that this the third year in the Sandias as well, but that just isn’t true. I’ve been participating in this study, along with 9 other groups/agencies, and the data is just now coming in for our first year (2014). This is important because for Game and Fish to increase the bear hunt in the Sandia Mts. based on one year’s worth of data is just wrong. Read the Journal article here: Bear-kill boost upsets critics | Albuquerque Journal News.

  • Bill Freimuth

    Noting your ‘fact-checking’ on Marita Noon, I thought you might have an interest in this, below, and perhaps help with my own interest in how to better rebut nonsense.

    Noon’s a regular at the Daily Times (Farmington) and she continues the absolute DENIAL within this community. Hardly ever (except in my comments via Discuss) does anyone put her in her proper place. I could be wrong but I doubt it.

    Here’s the latest…oddly enough it’s called ‘Fact-Checking’..

    Bill Freimuth

  • sim sadler

    The Journal (as did most media) emphasized the rioting at the ABQ Trump rally. Here’s a view of what they didn’t cover:

  • Dianne Layden

    Above is a link to Michael Coleman’s article on Sunday, October 2, 2016, about bias in the news media. IRONY.

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