Daily Show Appearance by Marita K. Noon Puts ‘Fun’ in Fracking

March 30th, 2014 · 1 Comment · energy policy, environment

By Denise Tessier

In the simplistic world of Marita K. Noon, energy makes America great.

Energy Makes America Great, Inc., is in fact, is the name of the organization headed by Noon, whose pro-industry pieces appear in the Albuquerque Journal.

And now, kids, thanks to Noon’s appearance on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show, we learn that not only is energy great, but fracking can be fun!

Fun, at least, when it’s defined in terms of Stewart and his colleague Aasif Mandvi poking fun at the serious side effects of fracking — including gas well explosions, earthquakes, health problems and water pollution – and contrasts news feeds of such scenes with Noon’s cheerleading for the industry.

Noon has been a frequent Journal Watch topic because of her Journal columns blatantly touting the extractive energy industries.

On the comedy segment “The Benefits of Fracking,” Noon tells Mandvi authoritatively that “Fracking is safe.” And she says:

Oil and gas companies are quite good at self-regulating or self-policing, because where there are bad actors, it hurts everybody.

Mandvi asks if there is any chance the oil companies could be doing a better job.

And Noon replies:

I would say no, actually. These oil and gas companies that are there care about their communities.

Mandvi then offers an example of oil company compassion by revisiting Chevron’s response to a nasty and fatal well explosion in Pennsylvania, wherein the company redeemed itself by buying Bobtown, Pa., residents $1,000 worth of coupons for free pizza and soda.

Noon gamely plays along in Mandvi’s segment, suggesting he needs a tissue when his nose inexplicably begins to bleed during the interview. But she seriously manages to get her message across nonetheless.

In her Townhall blog post, Noon called taping Stewart’s show “three hours of waterboarding,” and explained her appearance to supporters by saying that being on the show might enhance her “street cred” with the younger demographic. She also wrote:

I knew I was not the first person to whom they had reached out. Others had turned them down. If I said “no,” they’d continue down some list until they found someone who’d say yes. I figured it might as well be me because I know that I know my topic. I know I will represent it accurately. The next person on the list might not be as well informed.

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  • Elizabeth Nguyen

    Why does it take a show like The Daily Show to bring out the absurdity and mis-information the fracking industry puts out? Where’s the mainstream media?

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