Launch Holds Promise for New Mexico Readers

January 7th, 2013 · 2 Comments · journalism, Uncategorized

By Denise Tessier

As promised, New Mexico in Depth launched its series on Gov. Susana Martinez this past weekend, beginning with an in-depth interview with the governor.

The piece, “Combativeness could harm legacy, some say,” is buttressed by comments from both supporters and detractors regarding the governor’s relationship with the State Legislature, little more than two weeks before this year’s legislation session begins.

It includes quotes from Harvey E. Yates, the oilman who was state GOP chairman when Martinez was elected governor, who, while giving Martinez some compliments, told journalist Heath Haussamen her administration has “too often been a divisive force rather than a uniting force” in its dealings with the Legislature.

The launch of the series – “Looking Back, Thinking Forward” — also includes a sidebar listing 14 accomplishments Martinez cited during the interview conducted at her home in Las Cruces, and another piece, “About New Mexico In Depth’s first series,” giving an overview of what readers can expect with this examination of the governor’s tenure.

From the pieces submitted so far, the series has been well worth the wait for those of us anticipating the first stories reflecting the news site’s name: “New Mexico In Depth.”

I’ve written before about the importance of independent journalism, and the excellence of the work of New Mexico in Depth’s principals, Trip Jennings and Heath Haussamen, in particular. With New Mexico In Depth, and the also-online New Mexico Compass, New Mexicans are witnessing the beginnings of two independent journalism outlets that I optimistically hope will become long-standing forces in service to citizens of the state – en even the nation when the subject matter warrants — not unlike what the state of Texas already enjoys with The Texas Tribune  (whose stories get picked up by The New York Times) and

Readers who wish to be as informed as possible about New Mexico need these sites and the knowledge shared by their experienced writers. It goes without saying — but I’ll say it anyway — that they in turn need reader support. Check them out.

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  • Gerard Bradley

    I thought the NMID article referred to in your post was pretty much a puff piece for the governor, notwithstanding the headline and the mild demurral from Mr. Yates .
    I have been shocked there has been virtually no coverage of the fact that the economy in NM has stalled out since the governor took office. In fact, we are the only state to have lost jobs since January 2011.
    Maybe if people knew that employment is in freefall the governor wouldn’t have an approval rating in the 60s. But that would mean that newspapers and other media were keeping people informed. The new web-based NMID outlet is out to an underwhelming start.

  • Denise Tessier

    Thanks for the comment, Gerard. But just to clarify: New Mexico is not the only state to have lost jobs since January 2011. Rather, according to the U.S. Labor Department, New Mexico had the greatest loss percentage-wise of all the states between November 2011 and November 2012, with Albuquerque having the greatest loss among cities. To read the Journal’s brief story on this, quoting KOB-TV’s Eyewitness News, go to:


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