Withholding Information a Petty Distraction

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By Denise Tessier

As a reader, I find it odd when the Albuquerque Journal leaves out information, especially when that information reflects well on the paper.

I’m referring to Monday’s Business Outlook announcement (July 16) that Jessica Dyer, who has been with the Journal since 2007, “has joined the business desk as the new retail reporter.”

This is no criticism of Dyer, who’s got a solid decade of journalism behind her. And her first entry as retail reporter was up to the standard of her immediate predecessor.

It’s just that the announcement failed to mention what happened to that predecessor, which was the first question to come to this reader’s mind on seeing a photo of Dyer instead of Rivkela Brodsky in The Retail Roundup corner of the section front. The story / announcement inside failed to enlighten further.

The missing news is that Brodsky resigned to attend graduate school at Emerson College in the writing and publishing program, according to information from her entry in the Society for Professional Journalists freelance directory. This brief sentence easily could have been inserted in the introduction story about Dyer, but it’s almost as if the Journal doesn’t want to acknowledge such transitions, even though it reflects well on the Journal to have had a reporter of Brodsky’s caliber. An award-winning reporter, Brodsky in 2010 was touted by the Journal as a graduate of Leadership New Mexico’s Connect program. She even chaired the Journal’s team for the 2011 Walk to Cure Diabetes.

But for Journal readers, she’s just gone.

The omission reminded me of the announcement the Journal published in Venue when Adrian Gomez moved from the design desk to become assistant arts editor in September 2010. In that instance, the announcement did include a line that Gomez “replaces Dan Mayfield, who left last month.”  But all the paper had to do to better inform readers was to finish the sentence with: to become editor of Albuquerque the Magazine.

Readers in the know were mentally finishing the sentence and musing over why the Journal would choose to leave that out. And for those who didn’t know Mayfield had left to become editor at the magazine, it would have been an interesting bit of information.

Leaving out such things is a disservice to loyal readers who sometimes do notice, and it’s a petty distraction from legitimate stories about the folks being promoted or coming on board.

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  • Mark Ropel

    I wish her well and hope her replacement won’t have the hatred that Ms. Brodsky,I feel, showed toward Union Workers and Unions overall. I hope Emerson will give her some historical perspective regarding labor and the struggling worker and working families in America. Maybe enough to compare the benefits Corporations enjoy compared to the vanishing rights of workers,today,I pray anyway.

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