New Mexico Energy Forum’s Post-Mardi Gras Masquerade

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By Denise Tessier

An alert reader sent us an interesting tidbit today(Feb. 27) about the New Mexico Energy Forum.

By the time this information is published on the web, the pro-energy, anti-cap-and-trade group will likely have cleaned up the incriminating evidence, so I’m copying and pasting the full contents of its About Us web page here:

About Us

Committed to Energy Security

The New Mexico Energy Forum is a community of concerned New Mexico citizens who are dedicated to broadening the public’s understanding of and support for a balanced approach toward increasing our supplies of energy. We have come together to better educate ourselves about energy issues — and to discuss ways we can cultivate Iowa’s energy security to ensure our state’s economic security.

This Energy Forum wants to educate our fellow New Mixicans so we can ensure our elected officials are pursuing sound policies that bolster a strong economy and create Iowa jobs.  If you support our mission, please click here to tell others about the Iowa Energy Forum.

Did you catch that?

It says the forum comes together:

. . .to discuss ways we can cultivate Iowa’s energy security to ensure our state’s economic security.


Then, after misspelling New Mexicans (“Mixicans”) the second graph says we need to ensure that our elected officials are pursuing policies to create “Iowa jobs”, subsequently urging readers to “please click here to tell others about the Iowa Energy Forum.”

Just a detail, but there’s also no link where it says “click here.”

Check out the Iowa Energy Forum web site and it’s pretty much identical to the New Mexico Energy Forum site. From the looks of the New Mexico site, it’s easy to surmise which one came first. Iowa’s About Us page is – you guessed it – just the same as the so-called New Mexico copy above, only it never mentions New Mexico. And Iowa’s site does have a working “click here” link.

We’ve talked before at ABQJournalWatch about moneyed national agendas creeping into New Mexico politics, whether it’s template legislation written by ALEC or education policy.

In this case, both the Iowa and New Mexico Energy Forums are part of the American Energy Forum, sponsored by the American Petoleum Institute. It says so in the fine print at the bottom of their Web sites. Nonetheless, New Mexico Energy Forum is masquerading as home-grown.

How is this related to the Albuquerque Journal?

Our reader stumbled on the site after reading a column, “Strike a Balance on Energy,” which ran on the Journal’s Sunday (Feb. 26) Op-Ed page, and checking out its Web site. The column fails to mention that the American Energy Forum — and hence the New Mexico Energy Forum — is “sponsored by” the American Petroleum Institute.

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