A Small Step Forward

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By Arthur Alpert

Yesterday l was astounded by the big story missing from the Monday edition of the Albuquerque Journal – the Supercommittee’s failure to agree.

Still reeling from that inexplicable decision, I opened my Journal this morning (Tuesday) to find three treatments of what happened.

Editors front-paged a follow up by Michael Coleman of the Journal Washington Bureau; he relayed the views of the state’s Congressional representatives on what transpired.

The Journal ran the basic (old) story from AP Washington on page 2 and the Wall Street fallout atop the business page.

I still don’t know why the Journal initially held the news, though I suspect it wouldn’t have happened if a competing newspaper existed.

Sic transit Albuquerque Tribune.

That said, Coleman’s account made me sit up and pay attention.

In the jump on page 2, he referred to a “mix of tax hikes and spending cuts” advocated by former Sen. Pete Domenici and former budget director Alice Rivlin and found amenable by Sen. Tom Udall.

That is a big deal.

You see, while the Journal frequently reports the Domenici-Rivlin ideas (which are pure and politics-free, of course), it almost always segregates them.

They usually have no place in stories on Washington’s struggles over taxes and deficits.

And here, today, Coleman, to his credit, included the Domenici-Rivlin plan in a story on Washington’s struggles over tax and deficits.

And editors let it be.

That, as I read it, is one small step for Journal-kind.

Of course, while the Journal treats former Senator Domenici and his conservative ideas respectfully, management currently favors laissez-faire.

And it eschews serious analysis of either the “libertarian” program or St. Pete’s.

Imagine the educational value were te Journal to assign reporters to do that.

And imagine the excitement if the Journal compared them – the Domenici-Rivlin approach and, say, the Rio Grande Foundation’s.

What say a shootout?

OK, that may not happen, but Coleman moved us forward. And given the season, let us be thankful for incremental blessings.

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