Conspiracy Thesis

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By Arthur Alpert

What’s the difference between crazy conspiracy theorists and the sane variety?

Easy, the nuts know how everything fits into one elaborate plot, while reasonable folks harbor a few doubts.

Which means I’m borderline loco, because I find the evidence more persuasive every day that the Albuquerque Journal pushes a political agenda in its Op Ed and “news” columns.

With one eye peeled for men in white coats, then, I offer some evidence:

The Milbank Protocol

The Journal publishes Dana Milbank’s Washington Post columns fairly often, but I cannot remember a single instance in which it has printed Milbank critiquing the Tea Party.

No surprise, then, that it’s never mentioned his book, “Tears of a Clown: Glenn Beck and the Tea Bagging of America”, Doubleday, 2010.)

The Dionne Distinction

While the Journal regularly abides the high-minded “liberalism” of E.J. Dionne Jr., it passes on his essays when (1) they are tough or (2) they criticize President Obama from the left, as in Dionne’s March 10 column.

Polls Apart

That Dionne essay referred to a Pew Research Center survey, reminding me the Journal habitually ignores national surveys and polls that contradict its partisan purposes.

(This Feb. 18 study said more Americans sided with the unions in Wisconsin than with the state’s chief executive.)

News Unfit to Print

I posted March 2 on the Journal’s failure to mention economist Mark Zandi’s estimate that spending cuts promoted by the House GOP would, if enacted, cost 700,000 jobs and Goldman, Sachs estimates that the cuts would slow growth by two percentage points in the second and third quarters.

Subsequently, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke disagreed with Zandi. Bernanke estimates the GOP cuts would cost only 200,000 jobs.


And the Journal hasn’t cited Bernanke’s views, either.

Hold on a moment. There’s a white van pulling up to my house. Oh, it’s just the mobile veterinarian visiting a neighbor. Whew!

Here’s another strand to the conspiracy.

The Journal published a Robert J. Samuelson essay Monday, March 7, headlined:

Why Social Security Is Welfare”.

To facilitate his umpteenth rant against Social Security, Samuelson simply invented his own, weird definition of welfare and imposed it on a government pension plan.

(Remember “Alice in Wonderland”?

“’When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean – neither more nor less.’”)

For professional rebuttals of Samuelson, see Mark Thoma at Economist’s View or Dean Baker at the Center for Policy and Economic Research.

Samuelson’s slimy piece and its headline (proof that the Journal can write accurate, active voice rubrics when its heart is in it) fit perfectly into my thesis:

Thanks to management (not the rank-and-file) the Journal is a conspiracy against fairness and journalism.

What’s that, officer? You want me to come along quietly?

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  • Thomas Baca

    Don’t worry Arthur. You will have company..
    They are coming for me as well.

  • Consuelo Hannan

    I believe we need a movement to begin purging these people from these media outlets. People are waking up but pretty slow in NM. Getting back to some semblance of the truth in the media about these liars would be nice. Cal Thomas plagiarizes, oops. the rest just go on with their bs.

  • Roland

    I’ll join you in that loony bin, Arthur. We don’t need to do subtle analyses of the biased columnists published in the ABQ Journal, the stories it chooses not to highlight, or its often misleading headlines. The Journal blatantly displays its true colors in every election in New Mexico. Almost without fail it recommends candidates like Susanna Martinez and George Bush. Now that it has paved the way for a Martinez gubernatorial victory, the Journal is canonizing her for political sainthood. They are bestowing a halo of sound bytes on her, emphasizing non-issues such as how “she isn’t using the state jet.” It is doing its best to undo any legacy of progressive accomplishments by the Richardson administration. Most Democrats in the Albuquerque area have long been convinced of the ABQ Journal’s partisan agenda — and that’s why it has earned the derisive label of the ABQ “urinal.” It is our very own local fount of yellow journalism.

  • New Mexican

    I fit the crazy conspiracy theorists mold. All of the pieces fit for me. The far right seem to own the news outlets in New Mexico. Get bombarded on the radio and television and the Albuquerque Journal.

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