The Unselected Works of E.J. Dionne

February 23rd, 2011 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

By Arthur Alpert

I’ve often written about the Journal’s habit of publishing mild “liberal” opinions from national commentators (e.g., E. J. Dionne Jr., Eugene Robinson) on its Op Ed pages.

Stronger pro-middle class statements rarely make the paper.

And I’ve pointed to Journal editors’ proclivity for topping those liberal Op Ed columns with dull, senseless, contradictory, even argumentative headlines.

Recently, on Feb. 16, I suggested it is Journal policy to downplay intra-GOP combat between traditional conservatives and the Tea Party.

With that as preface, I want to alert you to an E.J. Dionne Jr. column published in the Washington Post Monday. Feb. 21.

It’s one the Journal opted not to reprint.

Was that because Dionne’s piece was uncharacteristically tough? Or, was the subject matter problematic?

The Post headline was:

“The Tea Party is winning”.

You tell me.

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  • Roland

    Dionne’s column is a very good critique of the shallow deficit obsession of tea-party/Republicans. The title of his article is more a warning, and the ABQ Journal editors recognize this. As a propaganda organ for the Republican party, the Journal certainly doesn’t want its readers to think critically about these issues. They fanned the flames of budget hysteria before the mid-term elections, paved the way for Susanna Martinez to the governorship, and they will continue to be good foot soldiers in the Republican army.

  • Rodney

    From Dionne’s piece – “any fair examination of the news suggests that he (Obama) is in danger of losing control of the national narrative again, just as he did during the stimulus and health-care battles.”

    The fact that media concentration has lead to a serious deficit in any “news” other than what the far right dictates is news is the main reason the POTUS cannot get his message across. The Journal is a perfect example of this. He or she who controls the media control the message.

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