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January 31st, 2011 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

By Arthur Alpert

An editor who writes headlines for the Journal’s Op Ed page cannot read.

At least, I hope that’s the case, for the only other explanation for the headline on Eugene Robinson’s column Friday, Jan. 28, is lots uglier. (Link not available on Journal site.)

I defy anybody to read Robinson’s essay and not conclude he’s charging that the GOP pretends it cares about federal spending to hide its own questionable spending priorities.

But the headline reads:

“Conservatives Picky About Cuts”

Could be, but it’s not what Robinson wrote about.

Now, if illiteracy didn’t prompt that ridiculous rubric, what did?

It’s pretty obvious.

Robinson’s is one of the few liberal voices the Albuquerque Journal publishes in what I assume is a pretense to fairness.

Management does its best to undermine even those few.

A favorite tactic is to adorn their columns – not others – with headlines that are dull, inane, distorting or contradictory.

And yes, I recall one that mocked the author!

Having documented this here often, I take no pleasure in doing so today. The practice, after all, speaks to Journal management’s cynicism.

That ugliness is why I keep rooting for illiteracy.

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  • Roland

    The editors make these occasional efforts to put a lipstick appearance of “diversity” on their daily pig of political bias. Eugene Robinson (whom I also like) plays that role for the Journal, and also David Brooks (conservative, but not radically so). Even in those cases, however, the editors will tweak the political message by putting a questionable headline on the column, under the assumption that most readers will only skim the newspaper. They also seem to be casting their net more widely to display other cartoonists (conservative, of course), rather than the daily ditto-head dose of John Trever. This too is probably a ploy to make the newspaper appear to be more “diverse.”

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