New Leaf? Never Mind…

January 28th, 2011 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

By Arthur Alpert

I was asking here, back on Jan. 19, if the Journal was turning over a new leaf. For the previous day, it had published a wire story questioning the GOP claim that President Obama’s health care reform would cost jobs.

True, you had to reach page C7 to find the McClatchy dispatch, but I was in no mood to quibble. When a Republican Party organ prints a story suggesting Republican leaders are fudging the truth, the only proper response is applause.

Subsequently, a Journal Watch reader alerted me to economist Dean Baker’s blog (Beat the Press at the Center for Economic and Policy Research), where Baker lauded AP for double-checking the Republican claim.

AP? AP Washington? It was true. You can read Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar’s account as published by USA Today on Baker’s site.

It’s my impression that Alonso-Zaldivar more thoroughly debunked the Republican “job-killing” canard than did McClatchy.

But I saw no need to comment further on the Journal’s failure to publish it. Not until this morning.

You see, Alonso-Zaldivar interviewed an expert skeptical of two central “promises” of the Obama health reform.

The Journal didn’t let this one get away. Better yet, the editors managed to squeeze it onto Page One.

If that McClatchy story hinted at a new leaf, does the Page One AP Washington story represent recidivism?

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  • Roland

    As usual, the editors of the ABQ Journal search through the various news services selecting reports that reinforce prevailing Republican sound-bytes — or, if the reports are not consonant with Republican spin, the editors will select reports that are the least harmful. Since I don’t subscribe to the ABQ Journal (what a relief!) I am out of touch with the daily political shenanigans of that Republican rag. However, yesterday I scanned an issue at a restaurant and noticed a very nasty article on the editorial page lambasting labor unions, asserting that union workers are coddled and pampered compared to the rest of the work force. That lets you know that the editorial bent of the Journal has not changed, not one iota.

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