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November 9th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

By Arthur Alpert

Darn reality!

Because New Mexico’s only statewide, print daily corrupts journalism to advance GOP interests, each time I condemn the Albuquerque Journal I run the risk readers will assume I favor the other guys.

Not so. In fact, I dream sometimes of a second statewide paper, a Democratic Party organ that trashes journalism for partisan purposes – in other words, a perfect bookend for the Journal.

If it existed, I could alternate targets, thereby demonstrating that my cause is journalism.

Since that’s not reality, I’ll have to risk being misunderstood in – for example – the following observations on political reporter Sean Olson’s Denish campaign post-mortem Sunday, Nov. 7.

Olson did a nice job tracking Denish’s decline from heavy favorite to loser; I might quibble that he was too kind to her sad, sad campaign.

But an election story that doesn’t consider the role of money?

Maybe dollars don’t matter, but if so the oil industry and organized labor and the secret sponsors of TV drive-by shootings all wasted their cash.

That’s difficult to believe.

I don’t blame Olson. Maybe the money angle belonged in a sidebar. But there was none.

Which was, of course, no surprise – the Journal minimized who was buying whom and what throughout the campaign in its news columns and Op Ed essays both.

Which, in turn, dovetailed with the national GOP’s (post-Citizens United) strategy of flooding races with cash, much of it anonymous.

Coincidence? No. Though it’s a tangled web Journal editors weave, the paper’s pattern is a bold tapestry we might call “The Adoration of the Elephants.”

And no, that last paragraph doesn’t mean I prefer donkeys. Truth be told, the Republican tool called the Albuquerque Journal is the only game in town.

Darn reality!


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  • Roland

    As expected, the ABQ Journal’s post-mortem analysis of the election focuses on the weaknesses of the Denish campaign (and admittedly there were weaknesses), but ignores the shenanigans of the Republicans. For over a year now the Journal has been systematically paving the road for a Republican victory. They undermined the credibility and accomplishments of the Richardson administration in every way possible — complaining about the cost of the Rail Runner, criticizing the promotion of the film industry in N.M., and endlessly harping about “pay for play” to create a public perception of corruption in state government and to foster a “throw the bums out” mentality. The Journal paved the road for Republican victory by creating campaign sound-bytes for them — and indeed several of the Republican commercials did cite the Journal as their source. The Journal, of course, disingenuously points at weaknesses in the Democrat campaign, while ignoring its own role in manipulating public perceptions, or the role of Texas oil money bankrolling the Republican campaigns, and the strategic planning of Karl Rove and his buddies. Our one state-wide newspaper had devolved into a brainwashing tool for the Republican party.

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