Two Cheers for Journal's Editors

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By Arthur Alpert

The Albuquerque Journal published two dangerous articles in two days. That’s noteworthy, so I am taking note of them.

“It is time to tax me more.”

Those words concluded an Op Ed column (Friday, Oct. 1) by Garrett Gruener, a wealthy venture capitalist.

He wrote that low personal tax rates don’t determine his investment decisions. He looks for a healthy economy with “demand for the goods and services my investments produce.”

And he figures we’d strengthen the economy by letting the Bush tax cuts on the top two percent lapse.

Since that opinion directly contradicts everything the newspaper retails in editorials, Op Eds and news columns, I must applaud the editors for running it.

I’m less positive about the headline:

“Tax Breaks Didn’t Boost Economy.”

That’s not inaccurate, just anemic.

Why not:

“Capitalist: ‘Tax Me More’?

Or, “Tax Rich, Cut Deficit, Boost Demand”.

The Journal ran a second dangerous piece the next day, this from a bona fide left wing source – the Institute for Public Policy. Barbara Ehrenreich, author of “Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America”, co-wrote it with Diana Pearce.

They reported the Great Recession has added 6 million to the ranks of the officially poor and argued for government action to reverse it. And they noted seniors have escaped poverty courtesy of Social Security and Medicare.

Once again, though, the Journal’s headline suggested tired blood:

“Social Programs Have Reduced Poverty”.

Still, the editors did publish both pieces, earning them two cheers.

I’ve a third cheer in reserve for the day the Journal adds a regular non-establishment (or leftist) economist, finds a local southpaw to pitch political opinion or does both.

In that case, no matter how soporific the headlines, I’d bellow a full-throated “Rah, Rah, Rah.”

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