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Extractive Industry Advocacy as a Useful Tool

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By Denise Tessier We at ABQJournalWatch.com have written often to complain about the Journal’s use of “essays” by extractive energy cheerleader Marita K. Noon. Yet another pro-nuclear/coal, anti-solar/wind piece by the executive director of Energy Makes America Great, Inc. appeared on Thursday’s Op-Ed page (July 28), entitled “Renewables Mean Higher Power Bills.” Noon’s article makes […]

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Journal Readers Jump on Column by Right-Wing Economists

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By Denise Tessier Headlined, “Only Hope Is Undoing Obama’s Mess,” the guest column covered nearly a quarter of the Op-Ed page of the Albuquerque Journal Wednesday, July 20. Its subhead: “GOP must articulate to voters that we can’t take four more years.” It was no surprise that the column’s authors were Kenneth Brown and Micha […]

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Ever the Booster, Journal Strains to Support Drilling Offshore

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By Denise Tessier Leave it to the Journal to conclude that the answer to risky off-shore oil drilling is: Open up more areas to drilling. That’s just what the morning daily did with “Loosen U.S. Offshore Energy Exploration,” its disjointed July 19 editorial commenting on the Sunday Dimension piece from the McClatchy Newspapers, which had run […]

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The Murdoch Scandal: Unbridled Power Finally Gets Some Scrutiny

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By Denise Tessier Heartless Man in Spineless World! That’s a Mother Jones headline – from 13 years ago – referring to Rupert Murdoch, and it graced the cover of an MJ magazine that included a tabloid “EXTRA” insert, the headline for which blared – in classic Murdoch style – “WORLD DOMINATION PLOT EXPOSED! Now, the […]

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