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If it’s Friday, it’s time to bury the Perlman story

It is being reported that Mayor Martin Chavez’s right-hand man is out. Bruce Perlman, Chief Administrative Officer for the City of Albuquerque, abruptly resigned this afternoon. (NM Independent)

Chavez made no comment about his long-time friend’s departure. But curiously, the Mayor’s office announced that Perlman’s replacement has already been named — Chief Operations Officer Ed Adams.

Before coming in as CAO three years ago, Perlman was a chief bag man for the Mayor. He was one of the ring leaders of ABQPAC, Chavez’s notorious slush fund. The City Ethics Board found Chavez guilty in that affair.

Go figure. When a huge story like this gets released late on a Friday afternoon without mayoral comment, you know that the political objective was to bury it.

Just a few weeks ago, when a highly respected City department head resigned suddenly with no warning, the subsequent mayoral press release simply said she left to “write a novel.”

Can’t wait to read Perlman’s.

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