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Gary’s Italian Mafia Holiday

Paulie and TonyAttorney General Gary King is cracking down on the seething, Mafioso cesspool in New Mexico by taking a trip to Italy next week.  Granted, King has been working with law enforcement officials from Mexico as of late to combat crime that is trickling over the border, yet is it really necessary to go all the way to Italy to learn about ways to combat organized crime?  I figure he would do just as well going to Jersey and hitting up Tony Soprano and Paulie Walnuts  for that info, so he could come back and spend more time in New Mexico.

I’d also figure the Attorney General would want to experience the entire week-long conference, seeing how much he wants to learn about fighting organized crime, instead of the mere three days he plans on attending (here and here).  For anyone who’s attended long conferences like these, you know the first few days are mostly full of jet lag, intros, and mixers anyways.

And it’s obvious that other border states are just as interested in learning about Italy’s infamous crime fighting ways as the other state AG’s who are attending are from Idaho and North Dakota.  It definitely makes me wonder why AGs from border states California, Arizona, and Texas decided not to attend. Perhaps they figured out that they could get the same information from an upcoming and very similar conference being held by California’s Attorney General. Or shoot, why not even take the two-hour flight to, I don’t know, how about Mexico, to learn about border crime.

All of this begs a few questions to be asked.  Will Gary King come directly back to NM after his three days at the summit or will he be hanging out in Europe somewhere for the rest of the week?  And how many days has Gary been in Europe and out of New Mexico since he got elected?  Why do you need to travel to Italy to attend only 3 days of a week-long conference when there is an equally informative conference being held for Western Attorney Generals soon?

Yes we are facing problems with border crime, but I’m assuming Californians have a better idea of dealing with Mexican border issues than Italians do.  At a time that New Mexico is facing increasing corruption cases, I would hope that Gary isn’t taking a junket when there’s plenty of work to be done back home.  We need the Attorney General to continue to work on issues affecting New Mexico, which may be harder to do from Europe.

(UPDATE: One major player in the local mainstream news media, KRQE Channel 13, devoted almost 3 minutes to the story of Gary’s Italian Holiday, and concluded it was totally peachy keen.  Replete with scenes from the Godfather, it called King New Mexico’s “top cop”, although that title rightly belongs to the head of the state police.  Content to run a puff piece relying on the AG’s press release as a script, KRQE’s reporting team neglected to raise any tough questions about the junket.)

One thought on “Gary’s Italian Mafia Holiday

  1. Great story, at least you guys don’t buy whatever the Bean throws out in his latest press releases. According to an article I read last week, Gary King has taken 9 trips to Europe to accompany his wife on her NATO trips, not counting his trips as AG. No one in the media has asked to audit his travel during his tenure, like they do on other officials.
    Why does he need to travel at all to learn about organized crime? First of all he ran for the job, and is supposed to have the experience and skill set to do what we pay him for. But closer to the point, he does not actually work on cases, he has prosecutors for this. So if this trip is so vital, why didn’t he send those employees to learn this apparently valuable info. This is another boondoggle junket, plain and simple.