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Former Candidate Targets Voters in District 21 Race

By Tracy Dingmann

Precinct judge Debbie Hunter says she’s writing up an affidavit for a formal complaint to file with the Secretary of State’s office over a man who stood outside the Manzano High School polling place questioning voters on Election Day.

A number of voters at the District 21 polling place complained that the man, who wore a shirt bearing the name of District 21 Republican candidate Antoinette Baca, had harassed and intimidated them as they arrived to vote throughout the day.

Baca is running against longtime Democratic incumbent Mimi Stewart.

Hunter and other precinct judges said the man identified himself as Howard De La Cruz Bancroft. Bancroft, a Republican, ran unsuccessfully against Stewart in 2008.

“Turns out he was her former opponent, and he was out here to sabotage her today,” Hunter  said.

Hunter said many voters complained to her poll workers that Bancroft questioned and pursued them in a threatening manner as they entered the school to vote. We wrote about the incidents earlier today.

Hunter said Bancroft yelled at her earlier in the day when she took down Baca campaign signs he had put up inside the 100-foot “no campaigning” zone around all polling places.

Bancroft arrived at the polling place at 6 a.m., Hunter said. Later in the day, Bancroft was joined by other people, also wearing Baca shirts, who questioned voters along with him.

Bancroft was still there at 6 p.m., standing outside the polling place questioning voters just outside the 100-foot perimeter.

Throughout the day, officers from APS Police, APD, Bernalillo County Sheriff Department and investigators from the state Attorney General’s office all responded to the scene, but did not remove the man.

“They told us to stay inside and not confront him. He was very agitated,” said Hunter, a Republican.

“It’s embarrassing, as a Republican, to have him associated with the Republican Party.”

7 thoughts on “Former Candidate Targets Voters in District 21 Race

  1. I just want to thank you!! I have been researching this jerk and this was not the first time he behaved with a little insanity! He is incredibly full of himself and is in no way ashamed of it, yet he should be. Keep up the good work!

  2. Handing out literature to undecided voters is a protected 1st amendment right. Having been a presiding judge many times, poll official, ward chairman & county chairman & para-legal for over 20 years. I am very careful to be kind, courteous & professional staying well beyond the 100 foot required distance from the building in which the election takes place. Ms. Hunter did not identify herself. If she knew who put up the signs she should have identified herself & asked to have the signs removed which were well beyond the 100 foot distance. Ms. Hunter doesn’t appear to have any vote history or experience with the Republican party and was not aware of the law. I am sad that she feels it necessary to attack. It looks like judging by the nature of Ms. Hunter’s comments it is painfully obvious whose side she was on and it was not for the party of which she allegedly claims. Only showing one side of a story isn’t fair journalism. Calling people names only shows the mean spirited attempt to cyber bully people. Why can’t people just have a difference of opinion. Finding links to damage reputations is a form of cyber bullying and harassment. A 42 USC 1983, 1985, under color of law, 1st amendment lawsuit may be in order for having other campaign volunteers wrongly removed from other school sites. I would tread lightly to all you who are involved. Websites, emails, blog comments, phone calls will all be subject to discovery and any links to cooperation could be considered conspiracy. I’m just giving you the heads up.

  3. Here’s my favorite part from the case linked above: “Defendant has also been charged with possessing a fraudulent document identification in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1028(a)(6). The Magistrate Judge denied defendant’s motion to dismiss that charge….” Nice, Mr. DeLaCruz-Bancroft.

  4. I was a whistleblower in a federal case that involved retaliation “after the fact”. I had an expired ID card that made reference to my being a former BCSO reserve deputy. There was no arrest and no indictment. I am in the process of getting that issue resolved. I had helped corrupt school officials get indicted, prosecuted and jailed but you probably don’t want to mention that. Life is never as simple as it seems. Try picking the “high ground”. If you really seek justice use your real name so people can look you up and consider your motivation, associations & political philosophy. You would be wise to consider. “With the measure you use, it will be measured to you — and even more.” – Mark 4:24