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First Amendment still stands in NM, despite AG appeal

The Center for Civic Policy is disappointed that New Mexico Attorney General Gary King has chosen to appeal the recent decision by United States District Court Judge Judith Herrera in favor of New Mexico Youth Organized (NMYO) and the Southwest Organizing Project (SWOP).

“It’s unfortunate Attorney General Gary King – the top attorney in the state – refuses to acknowledge that the First Amendment applies the same in New Mexico as it does in the other forty-nine states,” said Matt Brix, policy director for the Center for Civic Policy – which sponsors NMYO. “Attorney General King’s actions spell trouble for all New Mexicans who care about free speech.”

King’s decision will needlessly cost the taxpayers of New Mexico, said George Lujan, communications director for SWOP.

“The Attorney General’s actions also spell trouble for all New Mexico taxpayers who are concerned about the waste of literally hundreds of thousands of additional dollars on irresponsible and pointless litigation,” said Lujan.

In her decision two weeks ago, Judge Herrera carefully explained why criticism of elected officials is not something that government can regulate, except in the narrow circumstance when the criticism occurs near an election and is accompanied by a plea to vote for or against a candidate.

It is dismaying that Attorney General King has chosen to ignore Judge Herrera’s decisive ruling on First Amendment rights and will instead subject taxpayers to more expensive and unnecessary litigation.

4 thoughts on “First Amendment still stands in NM, despite AG appeal

  1. You are right on this one and this will be the last I make entry to this debacle of a blog? sight. You guy are giving out poor information and then selecting which of my entries you want to post. This is a waste of my time, your time and whoever is funding this train wreck's time and money. I'm sure you won't post this either or maybe you will. It is usually 50/50 with you guys. Ever wonder why there is little to no participation in this so called forum? I guess you really don't care what New Mexicans think. You just are concerned about your few misguided liberal progressive financial backers and all the junk you can put on-line to please them as you subscribe to nonsense.

  2. Sid, we appreciate your difference of opinion on critical issues facing New Mexico. That's why we've posted each and every one of your comments. I have to say, you bring an interesting perspective to the debate. But, frankly, this drifts into personal attack territory, and I'm not even sure what relevance it has to our recent legal victory.

  3. Sid–you're a bit of a nutball, aren't you? I'm a Democrat and [former] Obama supporter. The facts speak for themselves. And I don't need Glenn Beck or any of the others to show me what they are.

    Obama is ruining our country by driving up the deficit to phenomenal levels, and people like you are lowering yourselves to the name calling you accuse the right wing nuts of. That sort of behavior only undermines your own credibility, and labels you as one of the bitter people you speak of.

    And by the way–Obama is in office now. Get over the Bush Administration and start trying to fix Obama's mistakes. So, yeah, Bush screwed up. But Obama is making Bush look like a cake walk. Time to wake up and realize Obama is not too good to fail.

    And based on the content of this blog, I am actually expecting you to pull this post from the site and replace it with comments you deem acceptable.