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2015 New Mexico Landscape Poll

The Center for Civic Action commissioned a statewide poll at the beginning of this year to get a reading on the current issue environment in New Mexico. The results offer a snapshot of what New Mexicans were thinking in the … Continue reading

Where to vote in New Mexico

The early voting period ends on Saturday, November 1. Days and hours depending on specific counties and polling locations. Election day is Tuesday, November 4. Polls open 7 am to 7 pm. Bernalillo County: Early Vote Centers and Election Day … Continue reading

Pearce a roadblock to immigration reform

By Stephanie Maez (Guest Column, Las Cruces Sun News, Sept 7, 2014) Many of us have been working for comprehensive immigration reform longer than most people have been with their current employer. We do this because we believe in the … Continue reading

Early Childhood Education: A Wussy Way to Kill a Bill (VIDEO)

Sarah Kennedy has some thoughts about Senator Carlos Cisneros and the role he played in killing the Early Childhood Education constitutional amendment during the legislative session. Watch the video, then scroll down for the back story to Sen. Cisneros’ act … Continue reading

More on Governor’s Budget Wizard “Oops” Moment (VIDEO)

Brought to you by Sarah Kennedy:

Corporate Tax Giveaway Update: Gov. Martinez’s budget wizard apologizes for misleading legislature

Back in mid-March during the closing minutes of the 2013 session, the New Mexico House passed a massive corporate tax cut package — with no floor debate and no questions permitted. And, in what most observers believe was an unprecedented … Continue reading

May 9 Tele Townhall: In a time of drought, let’s protect our water (VIDEO)

Sarah says: New Mexico is experiencing one of the worst droughts in history. Shouldn’t we protect our water, NOT polluters? Answer the call. Join in. Speak out! TELEPHONE TOWN HALL Thurs. May 9th, at 6:00pm

Happy May Day: Immigration Reform and a Roadmap to Citizenship (VIDEO)

America deserves a common sense immigration process that includes a roadmap for new Americans who aspire to be citizens… take it away, Sarah:

Minimum Wage Increase Vetoed (VIDEO)

In case you missed it, Governor Martinez vetoed a statewide increase in the minimum wage. Sarah Kennedy had something to say about that:

Coffee and Taxes (VIDEO)

If you love a good cup of coffee and support fair and just tax policies, you might want to skip this video about what went down in the  waning moments of the 2013 New Mexico legislative session. On second thought, … Continue reading

Tax package came out of thin air at last minute

by Stephanie Maez, Executive Director, Center for Civic Policy (Albuquerque Journal OpEd, March 29, 2013) Shock and awe would be a fair description of the surreal feeling experienced by those who witnessed the waning moments of the 2013 legislative session. … Continue reading

New Mexico, it’s time to modernize our elections (VIDEO)

What’s wrong with this picture? Voters waiting in line for hours to vote in Chaparral and Rio Rancho. Hard-to-update, inaccurate paper-based voter registration systems. It’s little wonder that New Mexico’s voter participation rate is so disappointing. Our elections should be … Continue reading

The Minimum Wage: Hard Work Deserves Fair Pay (VIDEO)

(January 21, 2013) So says Sarah Kennedy in this video. Word is that the New Mexico Legislature will consider a measure to hike the state’s minimum wage. Not only is that good news for working families, it will give a … Continue reading

Closin’ out 2012 (VIDEO)

If you love Sarah Kennedy’s videos as much as we do, here’s your chance to weigh in. What was the best ClearlySK vid of 2012?

Be One Thousand

New Mexico’s Medicaid opportunity — it will save lives, save money and create jobs. Sarah Kennedy lays it all on the line in her latest video:

UPDATE: Clearly New Mexico’s New Look

Our apologies for the extended silence. As you probably have noticed, the Clearly New Mexico blog has an exciting, new look. Also, please note that it has been incorporated into the Center for Civic Policy website. Our aim in making … Continue reading

The Bad History Defense: Las Cruces Tea Party and the Confederate Flag (VIDEO)

By now you’ve probably heard about the embarrassing controversy swirling around the “prize-winning” Las Cruces Tea Party parade float that prominently featured the Confederate flag. Predictably, this symbol of division, racism and white supremacy evoked considerable backlash. One can only … Continue reading

July 4, 2012: What’s Does Freedom Mean to You? (VIDEO)

Sarah Kennedy poses the question and gets many answers:

Sarah’s Rapid (Pre)Response to Tomorrow’s Supreme Court Decision (VIDEO)

Not to be outdone by Mourdack or Colbert, Sarah Kennedy gives her own rapid (pre)response:

Happy 40th Birthday, Title IX! (VIDEO)

On June 23, 1972, Title IX became the law of the land. It stated in part: No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be … Continue reading