Bush: Slouching to Crawford

As I watched George W. Bush speak to the media in what was billed as his last press conference ever, I was struck by how much the two-term president revealed.

Bush must have known this last appearance before the press corps would become a much-scrutinized part of history.

So what did he do? He slumped, he squinted, he contorted his face and mocked his detractors with a fake whiny voice. His rambling thoughts trailed off into nothingness or built to angry, self-pitying crescendos when he talked about anyone who dared criticize his actions or his motives. Continue reading

Green Job Profile: Gerald King

Gerald King can’t wait for the day when green jobs become plentiful all over Albuquerque. The New York native says he’s tired of working dirty, low-paying jobs that don’t benefit the environment.

King says he feels like he’s worked every one of those jobs, but confesses that his “bottom rung” was his stint at a fast-food restaurant, serving up “unhealthy, jacked-up food.”

Indeed, fast food restaurants, which serve heavily-processed starches, sugars and meat from far-flung sources, pay the lowest and have the highest carbon footprint of any food sources around. Continue reading