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Being Rich and Paying Less

There are a couple of telling charts we’d like to share with you today.  First, check out this one from a Derek Thompson piece in the Atlantic (1/11/11) on the history of U.S. tax rates. We could write several paragraphs talking you through the flattening of the federal income tax rate over the past thirty years.  That would likely lead to one of two outcomes.  You’d leave this site, or you’d fall asleep.



Instead, just let Thompson’s simple visual tell the story and then draw your own conclusions.  The conclusion we drew is the same one that 72% of those polled by the Washington Post and ABC news last week.  Namely, the rich in America need to start paying their fair share.

Asking the rich to pay their fair share is a necessary part of what should be a balanced approach to our budgetary woes in Washington, D.C., and here in our home state of New Mexico.

Given her fondness for reciting poll numbers to the press, we wonder if Governor Martinez will pay attention to the results of this poll.

We’re not holding our collective breath.

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