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Ali’s RNC Trip: Targeted Voter or Troublemaker?

You are not here to cause any trouble are you?” the young Republican who greeted me asked when I inquired about getting press credentials for the RNC State Chairmen’s Meeting at Tamaya Resort & Spa.

He was nice enough, but definitely nervous. After some delay, I was indeed granted a press credential to the Chairmen’s Luncheon. I also had the pleasure of a “bodyguard” who made sure I got my seat in the back of the room and didn’t leave my side in case I decided to “make trouble.”

Rick Davis, John McCain’s 2008 Campaign Manager spoke about the people the McCain campaign needs to target, “Wal-Mart moms, “Rehab” Republicans (those disengaged from the party), Hispanics, youth and Facebook independents.”


As I sat in the room of predominantly older, white men I found myself thinking, “Hey I fit 3 of the 5 profiles.” I have a Facebook account, I am a youth (though some may beg to differ!) and while I consider myself a Chicana I am politically identified as a Hispanic.

So why didn’t anyone look like me in the room? Why did I have a “bodyguard” who kept asking me if I was going to cause any trouble? Was I a targeted voter or troublemaker? These were questions I pondered as I drove back home.

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