Phil Griego apologizes to nonprofits

(From NM Telegram, Sept. 13, 2012) An interesting turn in New Mexico politics, as state Sen. Phil Griego wrote a letter to the editor in the Journal North on Wednesday acknowledging that statement he made about two progressive non-profits were not true. (Link to story)

State senator apologizes to groups for campaign adSanta Fe New Mexican, Sept. 12, 2012: In a formal mea culpa, state Sen. Phil Griego, D-N.M., has apologized to two liberal advocacy groups and retracted a claim made in a campaign ad he ran shortly before the June primary. (Link to story)

State Senator Apologizes

(From Albuquerque Journal North, Sept. 12, 2012) State Senator Phil Griego: “These organizations provide important education and advocacy resources to underrepresented communities in New Mexico. Both CCP and SWOP educate New Mexicans about issues that are important to our communities, such as access to health care, equitable tax policies, and environmental justice. While I do not always agree with their views on these issues, I applaud their extensive track records of contributing to healthy debate toward finding solutions to these pressing issues and for encouraging New Mexicans to become more vocal and empowered in policy-making decisions. An informed, educated and engaged public is the foundation for democracy. The efforts of these two organizations are truly in service to that very goal.” (Link to story)



Bullies at the Ballot Box

(from Common Cause – Sept. 10, 2012) Protecting the Freedom to Vote Against Wrongful Challenges and Intimidation: Common Cause and Demos have analyzed laws in 10 key states governing voter intimidation and organized efforts to block Americans from voting . The report reviews Colorado, Florida, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia, summarizing each state’s practices, and providing a set of recommendations for improvement. The report describes the threat posed by groups that are training volunteers to challenge and confront other Americans as they go to the polls. Voter intimidation is illegal under federal law and in all 10 states surveyed.  The report shows that clear rules will ensure that eligible Americans can exercise their civic responsibility to vote… (Link to story)

Waiting for Judgment Day

(From New Mexico Voices for Children by Bill Jordan, Sept. 10, 2012) The Supreme Court decision on ObamaCare has put the health care of 150,000 New Mexicans in the hands of Governor Martinez. When the Court struck down the penalty for not expanding Medicaid coverage for low-income adults, it essentially gave all 50 governors the ability to decide the fate of their states’ most vulnerable residents. To date, a handful of governors have said they will not expand Medicaid, while about a dozen have already opted in… (Link to story)