Santa Fe has chance to adopt “Voter-Owned Elections”

In the March 4th municipal election, Santa Feans will have a chance to join the ranks of states and cities across the nation that have opted for Clean Elections public financing.

On the ballot is Charter Amendment 4, which if passed, would set in motion a process for establishing public financing before May 2010.

Albuquerque voters adopted Clean Elections in 2005 by a staggering 69% to 31% margin. The new system was employed successfully for the first time by candidates in last October’s City Council elections. Continue reading

Insider politics at the legislature

The media is focusing increasing attention on the power of corporate lobbyists at the legislature. In the midst of the intensifying battle for ethics reform in Santa Fe, this post by Marjorie at SWOP Blogger offers a view from the netroots at how business is really conducted at the Roundhouse.

Insider Politics: Bernalillo County Lobbyist goes to Bat for SunCal

Also, you can read it on Duke City Fix.

Super Tuesday in New Mexico

Voting begins at NOON for the Democratic Presidential Preference Caucus. Here’s where you can find a list of voting sites:

Democratic Party voting sites

New Mexico Democrats opted for the February presidential Caucus system for the first time in 2004. In truth, it is a party-run primary – not a true caucus like the Iowa model. There’s no meeting, no call to order. You just show up, get in line, and wait your turn to cast a ballot.

Everyone is watching the turnout. Before Governor Bill Richardson dropped out of the presidential sweepstakes, it was shaping up to be a drowsy favorite son affair. But since his departure, there has been a surge of activity. Continue reading

Contemplating Klan Radio

Right-wing talk radio’s hate spew has become an accepted part of the media landscape. In Albuquerque we have 770 KKOB-AM radio – home of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Michael Savage for seven hours every weekday.

Consider Michael Savage. We’re talking the purest, most unadulterated bigotry imaginable. Even Don Imus at his most vulgar never came anywhere close to the viciousness that is routinely broadcast on the so-called “Talk Monster” every night for two hours (7-9 pm) when KKOB becomes home to the Savage Nation.

Daily KOS had this post about a recent Savage outrage on his Jan. 29 show – Welcome to Klan Radio.

But that was nothing out of the ordinary. The media watchdog,, produced this transcript from Savage’s Jan. 31 broadcast:

“Look, Obama’s not getting the nomination. If he does, I wouldn’t — well, let me just stop right there. Think John F. Kennedy Jr. and the Hyannis — and the airplane. Think the Mena airport”.
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