Haussamen: Las Cruces residents go progressive

Recent municipal elections in Las Cruces have resulted in an historic shift of political power. NM political blogger/reporter, Heath Haussamen, provides a spot-on analysis in today’s Albuquerque Tribune.

He concludes on this provocative note:

In this traditionally conservative Democratic community, conservative Democrats and Republicans have lost significant ground to progressives in recent elections. I suspect this is reflective of the national mood and may be a sign of what’s to come in the current election season.

Read the entire piece for yourself
Las Cruces residents go progressive, boot Republican leaders

Marty “Duck and Cover” Chavez

Back in June 2007, the Albuquerque Journal and local blogs reported that the City of Albuquerque’s claim that its red light camera program had reduced crashes at intersections was false. Who took the heat for the cooked books? APD spokesman John Walsh and Chief Ray Schultz.

Last week, the Journal (sub) reported that the City released false information about the number of animals euthanized and the number adopted in City animal facilities. Animal Welfare director, Jeanine Patterson had to step up and account for “bad formulas” used to generate the data. According to the Journal Patterson was hired after these bad formulas were created. Continue reading

Senator Robinson’s Rugby Team

State Senator Shannon Robinson is a true throwback. Huddling with lobbyist cronies in his State Capitol office, the Albuquerque lawmaker holds court in a “smoke-filled room” from whence clouds of tobacco mephitis waft into the hallways, defying the smoking ban in public buildings. It’s the unofficial smoking section at the Roundhouse.

“Smokey” Robinson is not a Senator to be trifled with to be sure. A staunch ally of former Senate boss Manny Aragon, Robinson today serves as the powerful chairman of the Senate Corporations — the committee where it’s said that good bills go to die. Robinson takes care of business that takes care of him. He’s what you would call a “corporate Democrat”. Continue reading